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When you work with us you get the following services included:

Financial Planning | Financial Coaching | Philanthropic Advising |

Trustee Advisory Services | Cash Flow Planning |

ESG Investment Management | Tax Planning | Estate Planning |

Retirement Planning |

As a client of Ella Financial Advising, you can be confident that all your financial affairs are in order, up to the highest fiduciary standards.  


While most financial advisors only concern themselves with the investment account/s they are personally managing, we offer a much higher level of service.

We offer informed and holistic advice on the complete picture of your financial affairs: your financial goals, cash flow, budgeting, tax planning, insurance, investments, estate planning, retirement planning, education planning, philanthropic advising, and more.  

We will strategize with you about how to best achieve your goals.  This advice and strategic consulting will be on an ongoing basis.  We’ll schedule meetings with you twice a year, and you are free to meet with us more frequently as needed.

While we have broad experience, we have expertise in working with women and LGBTQ people and their unique needs.

As a supplement to your financial planning, we offer financial coaching.  

Coaching is a tool to help us go beneath the surface and discover your truest desires. Together we explore your values, options and what your life would look and feel like having reached your goals. From this new level of understanding we’ll apply your insights to creating your financial plan to reach them.

We specialize in socially responsible investing, both through screened, diverse, and balanced equity portfolios, and as well as Impact Investing options through a Donor-Advised Fund.

Learn more about what its like to work with us, including pricing, HERE. (insert link)

We offer philanthropic advising services.  

    As a CFP, Ella Taylor offers her financial expertise and fiduciary services to various trustees, working as a trustee advisor to ensure the preservation of principal.

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