Ella Taylor, CFP, ADPA
Live your best life.

No matter how much money you have, managing it well brings opportunities and gives you choices.

Who doesn’t want choices?

Our company values: Clarity | Partnership | Confidence

Ella Financial Advising offers clarity, partnership, and confidence to vibrant, climate conscious people who are ready to align their money with their values. We combine personalized financial planning and coaching with socially responsible investment management to help you understand your relationship with money, gain clarity around your values and envision your best future while prioritizing what’s most important for you.


We believe that understanding your finances and having a clear path to reaching your goals is the first step towards peace of mind.


We work with people who want a long-term partnership where together we create a plan that uses your money and resources to live a fulfilling life that aligns with your deepest values while creating positive change in the world. We focus on who you are and what it is you want for yourself and loved ones. 


By engaging with us you will feel confident that you have the guidance and support of a financial partner that knows you. You will learn to make informed decisions that enable you to reach your financial goals while feeling good about your investments.