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Do I Need a Financial Advisor?

Alpine Lake

We look at all parts of your financial life to help you create a long-term plan that meets your goals and reflects your values. We work together long-term to implement that plan and make changes so that it grows with you and through changes in your life.


We answer these questions among others.

  • Do you understand all your finances?

  • Do you feel secure that your financial affairs are being managed according to the highest fiduciary standards?

  • Do you truly know what you can reasonably afford while staying on track to meet savings goals?

  • Are you optimizing your retirement options?

  • Do you understand your cash flow needs?

  • Do you feel secure that your loved ones would be provided for should something happen to you?

  • Do you know how much you need to save to meet your goals?

  • know that you’ll be able to comfortably retire?

  • Are you secure that you’re minimizing your taxes where possible?

  • Are you properly insured, so that you know a catastrophic event won’t also won’t bring financial ruin?

  • Are your investments properly diversified to protect you from the volatility of the market?

  • Do your investments align with your ethical values?

  • When can you make work optional? 

  • How much is “enough”? 

  • What can you do to minimize your taxes?

  • How should you manage my equity compensation, ISOs, RSUs, NQOs, etc?

  • What should my giving and philanthropy strategy look like?

Can I afford a financial advisor?

Good question.

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