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When you work with us you get:

Personalized Financial Planning & Coaching

Socially Responsible Investment Management

 Tax Planning | Estate Planning 

Retirement Planning 

Philanthropic Advising 

Trustee Advisory Services 

We look at all parts of your financial life and partner with you to create a plan so that you can use these resources to go out into the world and live your best life. We support you to meet your financial goals while investing your money in a way that supports people and the planet.


Being a woman from the LGBTQ community, I believe that it is crucial to offer financial services customized to meet the unique needs of women with diverse economic means across generations. For the LGBTQ community, I also take into account our differences in family structures and roles, tailoring the approach to financial advisement to your relationship, needs and goals.

We specialize in socially responsible, ESG investing, both through screened, diverse, and balanced equity portfolios, and as well as non-stock market impact investing options. You can enjoy your life knowing that your investments 

Trustee Advisory Services

As a Certified Financial Planning Professional, Ella Taylor offers her financial expertise and in-depth investment knowledge to various trustees working as a trustee advisor to help you understand how your trust is currently invested, what investment options are available to you, and how to translate your values into investments. We focus on education and how to communicate your objectives to the other trustees or financial institutions. 

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