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Personalized Financial Planning and Financial Coaching

Alpine Lake

We look at all parts of your financial life to help you create a long-term plan that meets your goals and reflects your values. We work together long-term to implement that plan and make changes so that it grows with you and through changes in your life.

What is Financial Planning?

We offer informed and holistic advice on the complete picture of your financial affairs: your financial goals, cash flow, budgeting, tax planning, insurance, investments, estate planning, retirement planning, education planning, philanthropic advising, and more.  

We will strategize with you about how to best achieve your goals.  This advice and strategic consulting will be on an ongoing basis.  We’ll schedule meetings with you twice a year, and are available to meet as life changes occur.

What is Financial Coaching?

We get to the root of what’s important to you, who you are at your best self, and what your life looks like when you fully embrace these things. Financial coaching gives you clarity around what your values are and how they align with your finances.


People feel fulfilled when they’re living a life that is in alignment with their values. We find that this is especially true when it comes to money. We will reflect on the way that you currently spend your money and create a plan for making any changes necessary to get it into alignment with your priorities and financial development.


What it’s like to work with us? We start by clarifying your values and really understanding your life goals. We also look at all of the parts of your financial life to get a better understanding of what your current financial picture looks like and what you need to do to make your goals happen. 

We answer these questions among others.

  • What is important to you? 

  • What does your ideal life look like? 

  • What would a successful life look like for you? 

  • What really makes you happy?


We then use this information to create a financial plan and investment strategy that is tailor-made for your life. We work together to implement this plan and support you through all of the steps.

Some of the questions that we work through are: 

  • How much do I need to be saving to meet my goals?

  • How do I align my investments to match my values? 

  • Are my loved ones taken care of should something happen to me? 

  • When can I make work optional? 

  • How much is “enough”? 

  • What can I do to minimize my taxes?

  • How should I manage my equity compensation, ISOs, RSUs, NQOs, etc?

  • What should my giving and philanthropy strategy look like?


Our goal is for you to go into the world and live your best life feeling confident that you are making informed and thoughtful financial decisions. You have a clear understanding of where you are, where you want to go, and a clear path with a partner to help you get there.

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