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Pricing / Rates

Alpine Lake

At Ella Financial Advising, we strive to make the fee structure transparent, and we base our pricing on financial industry standards. 

The fee includes financial planning and coaching, investment management, and philanthropic advising. 


Fee-only Financial Advisory Services.

We are Fee-Only, which means we are only beholden to our clients, as we do not receive referral fees, commissions, sales charges, or other outside incentives from outside entities.  You can rest assured that any advice we give to you is for your benefit alone.  


Assets Under Management (AUM)

Fees are based on the client’s Assets Under Management (AUM),

meaning the amount of the client’s  liquid investable assets that Ella Financial Advising oversees.  

It is a standard practice in the financial services industry to charge an annual fee of 1% of Assets Under Management, though we charge less for a higher AUM. 


Liquid Assets includes: cash, stocks, bonds, funds, retirement funds, and more (but not real estate). 

The higher the AUM amount, the lower the fees.


The fees are typically paid quarterly and pulled directly out of the investment accounts.



AUM of  $3,000,000-$5,000,000

Yearly fee is 0 .65% of AUM

Paid quarterly


AUM of $1,000,000-$3,000,000

Yearly fee is 0 .85% of AUM

Paid quarterly


AUM of : $500,000 - $1,000,000

Yearly fee is 1% of AUM

Paid quarterly


AUM of  Under $500,000 

    Client pays a minimum annual fee, paid monthly

Minimum annual fee starts at $500 per month

Which amounts to $6,000 per year


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